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“Chris is an excellent leader with experience and wisdom beyond his years. He has the rare gift of being able to listen, and this inspires confidence in those who work for him. Chris manages to assemble all facts relevent to a situation, logically proceed through the information and formulate consistently good solutions for dealing with issues. He is calm, consistent and creative, the three things I think are important in a leader. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Chris will find this all to be, at the very least, an understatement of his ability.”

Terry Atkins, VP of Manufacturing, US Music Corp
reported to Chris at US Music Corp


“I worked extensively with Chris during the acquisition of Garrison Guitars. Chris is a well rounded executive with proven expertise in Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations. He was instrumental in the creation of innovative product designs, development of credible financial plans and demonstrated expertise is implementing lean operations in the factory. His strong leadership and communication skills make him a great teammate.”

Bill Gallagher, CFO, Gibson Guitar Corp
worked directly with Chris at Gibson Guitar


Chris was a Director at Newfoundland Power from 2003 through 2009, and ultimately served as the Chair of the Company's Audit & Risk Committee.

Newfoundland Power is an investor-owned public utility and is a publically reporting issuer in Canada.

Chris distinguished himself as an independent member of Newfoundland Power's Board of Directors. He demonstrated a keen ability to grasp the business issues affecting the Company which are, to a significant degree, dissimilar to those associated with a musical instrument business. Chris also displayed outstanding team skills at the Board level, a substantial component of which was his exemplary communication skills, including listening abilities. Finally, Chris demonstrated some pretty clear leadership skills in his service as Chair of the Audit & Risk Committee which is entirely composed of independent Directors.   His work here is still fondly remembered by the Board and Executive.

Peter Alteen
Vice President, Planning & Regulation
Newfoundland Power Inc.”
Peter Alteen, Vice President, Newfoundland Power


“Chris is a true entrepreneurial visionary. I had the good fortune of being involved in the early days of the company. I enjoyed working with Chris, he is a leader that has high expectations of his staff but gives much in return. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and as a result he inspires his people to make the impossible achievable.”

Perry Eddy, Industrial Designer, Garrison Guitars
reported to Chris at Garrison Guitars


“Chris takes a surgeon's scalpel and cuts the fat, not the meat, from a manufacturing facility. If you want your business to get more done, ship more product in less time at lower cost, Chris is your man. One of only a handful of music industry insiders who understands both the front and backstage of building a successful music business.”

John Warrillow, Owner, Warrillow Subscriber Network
was with another company when working with Chris at Garrison Guitars


“The overall drive and determination of Chris when at Gibson was second to none, he helped everyone to understand his products and close deals that were near impossible.
A true professional in every sense of the word.
It was my pleasure to work with him.”

Tom "Tommy" Hunter, BDM NE & Mid Atlantic, GMI
worked with Chris at Gibson Guitar


“Chris has a keen intelligence, sense of fairness, strong work ethic, can-do attitude, and a good sense of humor- which is a necessity in this or any other business. All of which helps to balance the stability of the team in a fast paced constantly changing environment. He can always be counted on to chip in on difficult projects on any level, while maintaining a bird's eye view of the situation and deciding the best way to proceed. He has earned my respect because he never refuses to lend a helping hand, an objective ear, and a fair judgment while still prioritizing corporate goals and making sure we are moving onward and upward. And he looks good in a sport coat. I welcome every opportunity to work with him.”

Christopher Walker, Marketing Manager/Art Director, US Music Corp
worked indirectly for Chris at US Music Corp


“I had the pleasure of working with Chris when he joined Gibson to be the GM of the Gibson Canada division. He always impressed me with his business acumen, technological knowledge and great interpersonal skills. Most notably Chris has the great ability of making something out of nothing, this combined with his perseverance for quality and perfection makes him a valued asset to any organization.”

Willem Van Dijk, Director Business Development Europe, Gibson Guitar Corp
worked with Chris at Gibson Guitars


“I've had the good fortune to work very closely with Chris and I give him the highest recommendation. Chris is very intelligent, funny, creative, and logical. He's one of the hardest working people i've worked with. I've been impressed by his ability to lead as well as his extensive knowledge of guitars and the guitar market. He has a clear vision and the drive to make it happen. He's also an all around good guy.”

Nick Ellingsworth, Product Manager, US Music Corp
worked directly with Chris at US Music Corp


“Chris was an exceptional Director and Board Chair for MIAC, the Music Industries Assoc. of Canada. His strong consensus-building, analytical and communication skills were of great value to the Board through a period of significant organizational change. He is highly perceptive, has terrific interpersonal skills and will be an excellent business and organizational consultant. I hope we have an opportunity to work together again in future.”

Brock McGinnis, CTS, Sales Manager, Westbury National Show Systems Ltd. - Systems Division was with another company when working with Chris at MIAC